Why in movies and TV shows, giants are always shown as moving slowly?


As the title says, why in movies and TV shows giant organisms are always shown as if they move in slow motion?

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Large objects appear to move deceptively slow! Look at a large plane taking off, or cruise ship sailing by; also people are terrible at judging the speed of a train until it is too late. They way a lot of things “appear” to move is related to their size.

bigger objects require more force to break inertia. smaller objects require less force.


Imagine how slowly our hands look to a fly when we’re trying to swat it.

You know how fast it looks when someone throws a punch. The average punching speed is about 20 mph. Now, imagine that someone is so big that the length of their arm is 20 miles. If that person throws a 20 mph punch, it’s going to take a whole hour to fully extend their arm. It is still moving the same speed when compared to a normal sized human, but from a distance, it will look very slow.

Muscle strength is roughly proportional to muscle area (size squared). Weight is proportional to size cubed. Weight goes up faster than strength so very big animals move slower relative to their size. A rabbit can run about twenty body lengths per second, an elephant two. Even though the elephant is running as fast as the rabbit (about 40 km/h) it looks slower as the legs dont have to move as fast

Compare a human walking to an ant walking, in terms of how many steps we take per second.

We’re “giants” too, and there’s your proof that bigger systems just need longer to move. Yeah a human can cover more distance than an ant, because our steps are 1000s of times longer than theirs – but it’s still physically impossible for us to take steps as quickly as ants can. Changing direction that quickly just isn’t physically possible. Heavier limbs have more momentum and the G forces needed to whip your legs around as fast as ant legs would damage our tissues.