– Why is all lint blueish grey?


I have a pretty colorful wardrobe, and yet all the lint that comes out of the dryer is the same blue-grey color. In fact, it’s the same color as all lint from any dryer I’ve seen. Anyone know why? Something about the detergent or something?

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Experiment: If you have a lot of black/none blue clothing try washing them together. Do they come out blue?

Lint color tends to be the average color of your collective lint. If it is coming out blue I am guessing you have jeans and blueish clothing

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Dark colors are always gonna be the most prominent of colors, regardless of what you have. Multiple colors at once make darker stuff, and a lot of the fluff that comes off in the dryer are very thin/small bits of color, when combined tend to make grey.

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For emitted light, all colors combined make white. For printers all colors combined make grey. Lint is like printers they’re substractive colors.

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Is your wardrobe mostly made up of dark, muted colors?

Do you separate your laundry by color?

The lint that comes out of my dryer is usually the color of the load being washed.

A load of whites produces white lint, a load of red-hued clothes produces reddish lint, etc.

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I stupidly bought red towels to take with me on tours as an escort, so I have to wash and dry like 8 of them a day. Let me tell you. The lint is red.

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It’s a mix of fibres of different colours. You may look at lint with an magnifying glass – probably you’ll see them there. It’s like durty water after painting – mix of all paints.

More over most of dust in my robotic vacuum cleaner is the same grey lint.