Why is Australian wildlife so much more intense/dangerous than the rest of the world?


Why is Australian wildlife so much more intense/dangerous than the rest of the world?

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Darwinism. Only the best at surviving survive, and if everything else is deadly, the non-deadly things will get killed.

It isn’t. Australia doesn’t have Bobcats, Bears, Mountain Lions, Bison, Wolves or Coyotes. The United States does.

Australia got separated from the super continent very early and almost 90-95% of species there are found only there. Like kangaroo and *some* marsupial family is found only in Australia ans it’s proximity island.

It’s not, but we like the way it’s portrayed in the media because it makes us seem bad arse. Yeah we have a lot of poisonous species in snakes, spiders, jellies and what not, but they haven’t killed many people for a long time. The funnel web spider is our most dangerous one and a kid got bitten like 5 times or something last year, and the hospital saved him by pumping a shit tonne of antivenom through him.
Occasionally a shark or croc will grab someone but that’s about all.
Red kangaroos are the big scary bastards that go around the internet but we don’t have a lot of contact with them. They can be aggressive if you get to close, but they’re not killers. The grey roos are just cuddly sooks.
So basically, don’t piss off the nasty ones (which you probably won’t run into anyway) and it’s all good.

honestly the animals barely harm anyone it’s a lot of crap mispresented in the media & misinformation

I don’t think we have more dangerous animals than anywhere else. I mean in the US and Canada they have like Bears and Wolfs n’ shit!

I suppose our Crocodiles can be super aggressive, much more so than an alligator (I think). We also have some pretty mean sharks… a few actually! But attacks are rare. Dingos only eat baby’s and are usually pretty passive unless idiots feed groups of them. We have some super deadly snakes and spiders… lots of them actually! But we are educated and prepared to deal with bites. So rarely do people die. Oh, there are some pretty deadly little sea critters like blue blue-ring octopus, box jellyfish and stonefish etc.

I suppose we do have a lot of deadly animals when you think about it. Great, I’m scared now!

At least we don’t have bears!

The gauge for measurement of dangerous animals isn’t necessarily quantities of human killings. Locals learn to deal with the environment and balance occurs. For example saltwater crocs: When I was in Aus. I saw pubic awareness signs staying to be “Croc-Wise”, which I interpreted as “stay out of the freakin water”. I think this applies to much of the northern coast… So people aren’t necessarily dying, but they do have to live by rules that are compatible with nature. It seems Australia has more than their fair share of BA animals to stay aware of.