why is flossing so good for your teeth and is there a right way to do it?


How can rubbing a piece of string on your gums be good for them? Surely that will callouse/scar them? And I have never actually gotten anything visible out from between my teeth with floss. Is it good for removing placque and stuff that I can’t see or is there some other benefit?

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It’s not. There have been countless studies and none have them have found any evidence that flossing is good for your teeth or

Floss is better at accessing the tiny space between your teeth than tooth brushes. Its purpose is to remove plaque or anything else stuck between your teeth that the tooth brush could not remove. If you are brushing your teeth correctly, floss isn’t needed, more like a “just in case”.

Also, floss should be used to scrape the sides of your teeth, not rubbed against your gums.