Why is G-force not felt when airbone


When taking off in a plane a very strong g-force is felt but once airbone it is all of a sudden no longer experienced. Why?

Edit – I literally studied physics in school and forgot the most fundamental concept F = ma…..

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Because the plane doesn’t accelerate much when it’s already in the air. It needs to really step on it to lift its fat ass off the ground before it runs out of runway, but once it’s in the air it doesn’t matter if it reaches top speed in 5 minutes or 20.

Let’s not call it G-force but acceleration. When a plane takes off you feel the change in acceleration. Once the plane is up to speed it’s no longer accelerating like that and hence you don’t feel it.

Same is true in a fast car, like a Tesla.

Staying still and moving at a constant velocity is the same thing, so you don’t feel anything. You only feel something when you accelerate or decelerate (change in velocity).