Why is hot coffee served in an opaque cup, and iced coffee in a clear cup?



I don’t actually drink coffee ever, at any temperature, so I’ve not had the direct experience to draw conclusions on my own.

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The coffee places near me use the opaque cups for hot drinks because they insulate the heat better so you don’t burn your hands. The clear cups are cheaper, but don’t insulate the heat worth shit, and they sorta melt when hot coffee is in them

The cup with hot coffee is made from materials that limit heat transfer to your hands. Those materials don’t come in clear.

I think because usually the clear cups are a cheaper plastic and you’d probably burn your hand and the cup if you pour hot coffee in those. The cups that iced coffee goes in don’t have to be as sturdy as the cups that hot coffee goes in. and they just so happen to be clear/people like the clear cups for iced coffee.

Iced coffee is a fancy drink, compare to regular coffee, and people probably also enjoy seeing the ice cubes in their black or brown-milky drink.

Maybe people simply “expect” their iced coffee in a clear cup. Like people expect that things that taste like strawberry are red 🤔