Why is it okay to drink alcohol from the liquor store, but not Listerine/mouth wash?



What’s the difference

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Alcohol from the liquor store is mainly just alcohol. Mouth wash also has chemicals that work to clean your teeth that aren’t good to ingest, and often have chemicals in them just to make them bitter and taste horrible in order to keep people from drinking it.

It contains other ingredients that can be toxic.
One mouth full, could be a sore tummy. A few more could be worst

Also many contain fluoride, which you also don’t want to drink.

The alchol that they use in mouthwash is generally not the same type of alchol that is safe for human consumption. Thymol, Eucalyptol Menthol are some of the types of alchol they use as substitute. Other things in mouthwash, like the large amounts of fluoride can cause gastric distress, nausea and other issues when consumed. The few people that do drink mouthwash as a substitute are usually recovering alcoholics trying to get a buzz.

Edit. Most mouthwashes still contain ethanol and thus can still have the alcholic effect. The Thymol, Eucalyptol, and menthol are also added.


I’ll probably get deleted for this one liner but listerine was originally marketed as floor cleaner.


Alcohol that is not intended for consumption is called denatured alcohol. It contains a toxic chemical that smells bad and is not meant to be ingested. In addition to having a different intended use (solvent, fuel, etc.), a company can avoid higher taxes compared to the alcohol people use for drinking.

All alcohol are poisonous to us just to different degrees. The least toxic is ethanol witch we often just call alcohol. When we are drunk it mostly a side effect of this “poison”.