Why is it portrayed in movies that if you get bigger to smaller people you look like you’re moving slowly


Like antman in civil war, from our point of view he looks like he’s moving slowly.
So from his view do smaller people look like they are moving faster?

Edit: and is this only in films or would this be true to life?

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When we walk forward, we are actually falling over forwards, only to stop ourselves with a foot.

Gravity is the same value even at the larger scales, and so their limbs would fall at the same rate, but since they are so big there is much more distance for the limbs to travel before they hit the ground.

With regards to the booming voice, their vocal chords and mouths now have lower resonant frequencies. It’s totally legit that they might speak louder and deeper.

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Generally, with increase in size we get almost proportional decrease in overall speed and processes and decrease in material’s strength, decrease of thermal throuthput and other stuff. That’s caused by various factors, depending on what property we’re talking about: ratio of volume to area, gravity and other remaining the same, atoms and chemical bonds becomes smaller and has to deal with greater mass or forces.

That’s why when we measure which creature can jump more length of it’s body size – it’s always some very tiny creature. And that’s why a cat can fall from third floor without any damage and an elephant will probably tear apart and die from 2 meters fall, that’s why we don’t have really huge land animals (sea animals are supported by buoyancy, but even them can’t grow much larger than blue whale – they just can’t disperse heat of their body efficiently enough, because they would have greatly lower ratio of area to volume).

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It’s not entirely relevant, but an enlarged person should theoretically react slower than normal, because nerve signals have finite travel speed. The brain will probably adapt and compensate the “lag” somewhat given enough time though.