Why is it so difficult to shower when a person is depressed?


Showering is the main one I’m curious about, however, it kind of goes along with all seemingly simple personal care things like: showering, brushing your teeth, brushing your hair, doing laundry, changing clothes, etc.


One symptom of depression is lack of motivation. This, combined with a lack if self-interest and a lack of caring about the world in general and how one presents within it (common with depression) can lead to reduced hygenie practises.

Real ELIF: it’s easier to do anything when you’re happy

You know that paralyzingly low energy you get when you have a bad flu? Imagine that kind of energy level, body aches, and just wanting to sleep being around for a much longer period of time. Not even touching the mental aspect, but just what it feels like to be deep in depression.

Lack of caring. Depression can lead to no desire of even leaving your bed. Other cases some don’t speak for long periods of time or go through a mental break where they lose all ability to interact with others.

It seems like a huge undertaking. A massive ordeal. And not just that, but useless, too. You have to strip down fully naked (and then see your body, to boot). Then you have to do every single thing that comes of a shower: wash hair, wash body, wash face, and the whole time it’s just like… why am I doing this? Who am I trying to impress? What difference will it make, to anyone, whether I’m clean or not? I’m not going to feel better either way. Why am I even pretending like I’m a human who should be clean?

And then you come out, dry off, and you’re still the same person as when you went in, but now you have to put on clothes and you’re damp. And again, you ask: why?


Interestingly, this is not my experience with MDD at all. Showering is my guilty pleasure. When I am especially depressed, I can shower for hours, wrecking my water bill.