Why is it that when a video is sent from Android to iPhone and vice versa, the quality is extremely reduced?



It’s always seemed weird to me that photos seem to be the same quality as the original (or very close) when sending to and from the same devices. Thank you in advance!

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It’s probably more about protocol than device. For instance, when texting between iOS and Android, you have to go through SMS or MMS, and those systems probably compress images significantly.

Is there any way to combat this? I’ve had this problem ever since I got the galaxy 10

We have this problem with pixel to note (whatever the newest is) as well. It’s an MMS problem for sure. We usually send via Google photos or Facebook messenger, it solves the problem

When you send a picture or video cross-platform it has to send through MMS which typically has a limit of 1MB. Generally a photo is going to be around 3MB so it’ll have to compress to a third of is size to reach that limit, a ten second 1080p video can fall around 30MB so it’ll have to compress to being a thirtieth of it’s size to hit that same limit.

(These file sizes I’m using aren’t going to be exactly the same for every phone but are what I got from my phone and settings.)

iPhone to iPhone messaging uses apples iMessage service (blue bubbles). It users special computers to process the images and videos and sends them to the other device at original quality. It can do this because it uses the internet. Android phones do not have iMessage so they have to use SMS and MMS. They work by connecting to your carriers cell tower and straight to the other person’s phone which means it had to be compressed to travel that way.

What are you using to send those videos?

Doesn’t compressing and decompressing files also distort them the same as making a copy of a copy of a copy ect. So not only is the size a limiting factor of the quality but also the constant compression and decompression worsening the quality.

Each copy gets worse than the previous which is called generation loss. Example below.

[Generation Loss photos (wiki)]

The way around this (if sending from an Android phone) is to open Google Photos, find the file you want to share, click the share icon, and choose “copy link”. Send that link via a text message.

When the recipient receives the message they will get a link to a full resolution picture or video.