Why is removing birdbaths a solution to stopping bird flu?


If the sources of water are reduced, doesn’t that mean larger numbers will be gathered at the few spots that still exist? Wouldn’t having more sources mean less birds are drinking at each source, thus exposing them to a smaller of other birds? I just can’t wrap my head around it!!

I keep thinking about covid, and how it would be similar to only opening one grocery store for the town in hopes of reducing spread. Everyone would get exposed if contamination made into the store…… Right? So why is the approach to bird flu different?

Thanks in advance for your help! I’ve been puzzling this one for a few weeks, and I’m finally giving it to the fact that I just can’t figure this one out!

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The biggest issue with birdbaths, is that they’re a smaller body of water. If multiple birds land at the same time they’re very close proximity, think of the 6ft rule.

Bigger bodies of water is better because not only distance but also bigger bodies of water. If I cough directly into a lake’s water, people on the other side aren’t in any real danger. The bacteria or virus isn’t going to instantly swim across, unless in the immediate area, you’re /probably/ fine.