Why is Screeching disturbing to the ear and skin?


I think it’s the only sound that makes humans lose their temper and I have no clue how it happens and why.

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There are many research papers on high pitched sounds and their related annoyance with different people ranging from audibly healthy to extreme anxious sensitivity to loud noises (hyperacusis), and no consensus has been found.

Some theorize that the inner ear gets tired fairly quickly, specially by high pitched sounds with fast vibrating waves exerting pressure on it.

A similar theory is that the structural components of the ear get damaged by fast oscillating waves, and the pain is a result of that.

Other theorize that it’s an evolutionary method we develop for survival. Their working hypothesis is that way back then, we had noises specific for danger, caution, awareness, etc, and these noises were meant to be bothersome.

Another theory is that the amygdala is more sensitive to high pitched sounds based on brain scans where it shows it becomes more active when exposed to these bothersome noises. The amygdala is responsible for emotional reactions.