Why is shooting from the left much more common in hockey than in baseball or golf?


Why is shooting from the left much more common in hockey than in baseball or golf?

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Because the backhand does most of the “technical work” while the front hand serves as more of a guide for the stick. As a result, a lot of people play with their dominant hand as the backhand.

There’s no advantage to doing this in golf (most of the time). You’re not shooting against anyone, so how you got the ball doesn’t matter. So you’re better off practicing with the one handedness, rather than shimmering your skills.

The caveat to this is if you get stuck behind a tree. Some pros will learn to hi a ball lefty with a weird grip to get round this. Others will carry a single left-handed club. But there is a limit to the number of clubs you can carry.

In baseball and golf you always handle the bat or club with both hands. The hand toward the middle fine tunes the motions and is crucial to successful contact. Most people (unless they come from a hockey background before playing golf or baseball) swing on the side that matches their dominant hand. Putting your dominant hand in that position will improve results. For hockey the dominant hand in the middle of the stick would lead to finer control of the stick, but players often have to handle the stick with only the top hand on the stick in defensive situations. In these situations, using your dominant hand when you only have one hand on the stick is a big advantage. Many right handed hockey players shoot left, to have better control with one hand but others shoot right to have better control with two hands. There are pros and cons to both.