Why is skin cancer a thing when the skin constantly regenerates itself?


Surely the new skin growing and the old skin flaking off over time would keep it in good shape?

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Cancer is still cells regenerating and reproducing. They just do it too much, and refuse to die. So it’s not “some bad apples” that need replacing, the whole tree is screwed.

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The cancerous cells aren’t the already-dead top layer, they’re the deeper layer that’s responsible for replacing them.

More generally, cells that reproduce frequently are *more* susceptible to cancer since they’re already prone to replication errors and high division rates.

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Because cancer is cells multiplying.

Except they’re broken cells because of the sun’s rays that don’t stop multiplying

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Cancer means the cell replication process is faulty. The problem isn’t that ur skin is damaged, the problem is that it keeps making bad copies over and over, which makes it worse.