Why is the supposedly best day to dry clothes, one which has a good amount of wind.


The mother always says “great drying in that day”. One in which the sun is out and there’s quite a lot of wind. These days are not hot mind you.
I think it’s natural to presume that the hotter the weather, the quicker clothes dry. Can anyone explain why the cooling wind actually aids in this? Thank you 😁✌️

In: Physics

I think it’s so the fabric doesn’t just sit and bake in the sun, and the rest of this is just typing so the response is there and I can learn if what I said is accurate or not

The wind both blows the water off and makes it evaporate quicker. Same premise as a woman blow-drying her hair.

If you had perfectly still air, the part near the cloth would just saturate with the first water to evaporate, then no more would leave. Wind blows the damp air away and replaces it with drier air that can take up more water.

Water evaporates into air that does not already have water in it, and more can evaporate into air that has heated up more. Being hot on its own isn’t enough – it has to heat up while contacting the clothes (or be not very humid). Wind ensures that the air which already has water in it gets blown away before it can inhibit the drying process.