Why is the video editing greenscreen… green?


Why is it green and not red or blue or anything else?

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You need a bright primary color, one that most people aren’t going to wear or have on their bodies, because all of that color will be deleted when you edit the film. You can use blue, but green is less likely to cause problems with people’s eyes or fashion.

Red is worst, because it can cause problems with erasing some people’s skin tones at times.

Short answer is because other things in the frame are never that color green. For a green screen to work the screen must not be the same color as anything used in the shot.

I dont think it matters what color it is. They used green screens for the simple fact that green is not a skin tone. You can probably use red or any other color that does not resemble shin color.

You want a colour that can easily be distinguished from others in frame. It’s a long way from skin tones, and most clothes. Gree is not a widely used colour in most things that might be in the foreground of a shot. THe only issue with it is if you’re trying to film plants, but they’re rarely part of the foreground, and if they were you can simply use a different colour screen. There’s nothing special about green.

Because bright green is the color least likely to be in the foreground you’re filming, so there’s less risk of it being mixed up with the things in front of it. Red, in particular, runs the risk of being confused with the shades of human skin. Blue is in fact sometimes used, but green tends to be preferred because blue is more common in clothes (e.g. jeans).

Because green is the colour channel with the highest resolution. In a Bayer filter, which all modern cameras use, half of all photosensors are green light sensitive with only a quarter for red and blue respectively. This means that the green channel has effectively twice the resolution of the blue and red channel, making it ideal for this kind of work.

There are [blue screens](http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-CDVrZYfjO5k/UBzeGiIShkI/AAAAAAAAAGw/qazX2Pl4DVE/s1600/blue+screen.jpg). Red isn’t used because fair skinned people tend to have some red tones in their skin, and the process removes all of one color from the final video, so it’s best to have as little of that color in the things you’re keeping.

Green is popular because green clothes are easier to avoid than blue clothes.

The human eye is most sensitive to the color green. As a result, it is the color most easily edited out of images, because the human eye is best at detecting it and separating it from other colors. It helps that there’s no green in most skin tones, and that green isn’t a super popular color to wear.

This has already been answered, just made me chuckle because I read it sitting in front of a green screen.

[Captain Disillusion gave a great breakdown of green screen.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aO3JgPUJ6iQ&feature=youtu.be)