Why is there such a wide range in sensitivity to spicy food and to hot things?


How can one person find something mild, and another find it spicy? Why does my husband “burn his tongue” on a cup of coffee that I have already finished?

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I think typically it has to do with what foods you are raised with

Like nature vs nurture. Maybe some people might have a tendency to swing toward one side or the other because of how their biology or sensitivities work

But when we are talking about cultures and stuff, most of it was propagated by what ingredients they had so the people who live there are used to that type of food, which means that a lot of cultures food tolerances are different.

But that doesn’t mean that everyone in that culture likes that same food

And if we are talking about other random people
As well, then just tolerances. You can make yourself used to those types of foods slowly over time or you were raised with it. Etc