why is urine more clear when drinking alcohol than when drinking water?


Edit: I drink water regularly through the day, wasn’t allowed to add that in the title otherwise it would’ve been removed.

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Urine clarity depends on how much you drink, not what you drink.

When you drink alcohol you tend to drink more than when you drink water.

It’s not if you’re drinking enough water. If your piss is yellow or orange you’re probably dehydrated. Apart from that, alcohol is a diuretic, so it flushes water out of your system… but on top of that when you’re drinking alcohol you’re probably drinking more fluid than normal, and that will have water in – e.g. if you’re drinking gin and tonic the alcohol is flushing out the water in your system and the tonic is topping it up.

Because when you’re drinking alcohol, you’re drinking more probably. Noone will sit down and drink a 6 pack of water over a couple of hours. Thats pretty common with 6 packs though. Especially if you’re young and drinking is the main point of why you’re friends have assembled.

Alcohol is poison. Your body tries to pee it out as fast as possible, so it chooses to not concentrate your urine and it comes out clear (dilute) and fast.