Why is water at 38 degrees f perfect to drink, but water at that temp is ice cold to swim in?


Like, shouldn’t it feel cold on the inside if its cold to our skin?

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Water coming in contact with a small percentage of your body is on a whole different scale than water coming in contact with 90% of your body.

Because of evolution. Warm water in nature has usually a lot of bacteria in it so you shouldn’t drink it. The human body learned this through evolution over thousands of years. But swimming in could water can be dangerous because it cools your entire body down.

38° is what a refrigerator runs at, so that water will still feel pretty cold going down.

As for being inside water, it’s all about surface area. Your body’s temperature and the temperature of the water will naturally try to balance out, and because so much of your body is in contact with the water, your heat is being sucked out of you quickly.