Why isn’t there a “Lactaid” pill for egg intolerance?


Why isn’t there a “Lactaid” pill for egg intolerance?

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There is. It’s called an epi‐pen. Egg allergies are more severe than a lactose intolerance. Egg allergies are anaphylaxis rather than merely getting cramps and the shits.

Lactaid for lactose intolerance works because lactose intolerance boils down to a deficiency in one enzyme, lactase. Just replace it and you’re okay.

Egg intolerance (tbh I’ve never heard of it) is much more complex. There isn’t a single enzyme that deals with eggs. Fats and proteins by far have the most complex metabolic pathways, so a true intolerance due to a lack of enzymes will likely make you intolerant to a lot more than just eggs. You probably wouldnt be able to digest any proteins or fats, and thats a sort of condition unsuitable for life. Maybe “intolerance” isn’t the right word for it?