Why milk gets consistency/gooey?

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Through my life i have seen this happen to me just about 3 times, i also have seen some videos but i never seen any explanation. Is the milk bad, can i drink it? Everytime it happened to me it had a normal smell but that awful consistency of “Snot”

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You are getting something like yogurt, but some other bacteria that is doing the same action.

Buy a gallon of fresh milk and a small container of plain yogurt (make sure it has no gelatin added, some do to make it seem thicker). Whisk the yogurt in equal part of milk to break it up then mix that with the rest of the milk. Leave it on the counter or a warm dark spot with a loose cover and check on it. When it looks like yogurt, put it in the refrigerator. If that turns out you can use a portion of your yogurt to convert another quantity of new milk.

You can heat fresh milk on low and add 1 cup of vinegar to a gallon of milk and make cottage cheese. I’ve done this if milk is getting near the expiration date and unlikely to get used otherwise (like someone overbought). Or if there is a big milk sale.

You can get vegetable rennet and make more substantial cheese. There’s a youtube channel “the cheese man” who makes all kinds of exotic cheeses.

Generally though, if you are getting spontaneous “yogurt” in your container it has bacteria contamination. Like someone drinking right from the container or getting near the expiration date or left outside the refrigerator.


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Spontaneous milk thickening is usually “curdling” which is a result of the PH changing due to bacterial growth and the proteins clumping together. Choosing palatable bacteria to do this is how cottage cheese (and other cheeses) are made. If your milk is just thickening the way you’re describing then it’s possible that you’re spontaneously creating yogurt but I have to wonder if you’re actually working with amygdalate (almond “milk”) or other milk substitutes, which coalesce more commonly due to different chemical actions.