Why people cannot get high from catnip?



Why people cannot get high from catnip?

In: Biology

We are not cats. Whatever chemical it is in catnip that affects cats fits into some kind olfactory or pheromone receptor that cats have and that humans don’t have.

If catnip was a key, cats have a lock that that key fits into. Humans don’t have that lock, and so the key is useless to us.

For the same reason that cats cannot have a vegetarian diet. Their metabolism and digestive system are cemetery different than humans.

there’s a misconception that cat nip is a drug for cats its not cats just like certain scents and cat nip stimulate their olfactory (smell) senses to a point we don’t get and they just go crazy for it

the only way i can give a human equivalent is how certain people go nuts over scented candles or essential oils and will keep compulsively needing to smell it while exclaiming “oh my god this smells SOOOOOOOOOOO good”