Why real money currency in videogames are in hundreds or thousends?


And in-game items also cost hundreds or thousends of real money currency. Why developers make it that way?.
For example: In fifa you can buy fifa points in hundreds and the price of packs are also in hundreds of fifa points.

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If you have a product, would you rather sell it for 10 dollars or 20 dollars?

They use large numbers to make you feel like you’re getting more for your real money.
They use varying multiplier to encourage you to buy more at once. ( Why get just 150 for $1 then you can get 500 for $2 , for example)
Then they use multipliers that are difficult to equate to real cost in your head to keep you from rationalizing the real cost. ( $1.00 won’t simply be 1000 coins that’s to easy to reverse, it will be some off number like 1350)

It is all designed to distract you from what you are actually spending so you make more impulsive purchases.

Japanese games have currencies that mirror the yen, and 100 yens is more or less one dollar.

Non Japanese games tend to have units of money that function more like western ones in my experience, see the Witcher for example.