Why seeing someone else laughing at a certain joke makes you crack up yourself while you wouldn’t have any reaction alone?


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Laughter is a social behavior – we’re a tribal species, going back hundreds of thousands of years, and laughter is one of those tools we evolved to help us bond with each other and communicate. There have been studies showing that people laugh and smile more in groups than they do when alone, even if they’re listening to the same jokes or watching the same movies. Just being around other people who are laughing can trigger a reaction from us, almost regardless of the source.

Because humans are social creatures and laughter is an action that is ingrained in our DNA to help build those social bonds necessary for groups to stick together.

Things like laughter, smiling, crying, screaming, looking embarrassed, etc etc all those un-spoken emotional things are how our ancestors communicated before we developed speech.

So when you’re around someone that’s laughing, you’re much more likely to laugh too,

Human have a feature in our brain we call mirror neurons. Mirror neurons allow us to watch another human perform an action, and have us replace them with ourselves. When we watch someone person a task, the very same areas in our brain corresponding to that task are activated! It’s a way we have evolved to learn from other humans by watching, and is especially important as we grown and learn about the world. Mirror neurons play an important role in socialization, empathy, and even explain we we enjoy so many spectator activities.