Why smoking helps with losing weight?


Is there a difference between smoking cigarettes, pipe tobacco, self-rolled cigarettes, weed in terms of losing weight?

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Sometimes people eat when they are bored; some of that may be replaced with smoking when they’re bored, instead. And nicotine is a stimulant, which might up one’s metabolism a bit, at first.

Nicotine is a mild appetite suppressant.

Nicotine is a mild appetite suppressant.

At the beginning, nicotine has a stimulant effect surpressing the appetite.

In the middle, nicotine accelerates the body’s metabolism helping burn calories.

At the end, cancer causes wasting of the body as it consumes you. The morphine they shoot you full of makes you not hungry, and the coughing up blood helps reduce liquid in your body, which drives down your weight.

Please don’t smoke. There are better ways to consume nicotine if you find it’s a good self medication for anxiety or ADHD.

Yeah, it isn’t the smoking that causes weight loss, it’s the fact that smoking usually reduces food and alcohol intake. You can get similar results from drinking more water or chewing gum.