Why some food tastes better hot and some taste better cold?


Why some food tastes better hot and some taste better cold?

In: Biology

Most likely because of evolution, like many weird things about humans. Meat tastes great when it’s grilled, because then it’s (like 99%) free from bacteria. Cooked/grilled fruit and vegetables like pineapples or potatoes taste good as well. But warm and never roasted fruit or vegetables are disgusting in most cases, because they started to rot and become dangerous. Cold fruit doesn’t allow bacteria to grow and is an indicator for fresh food, and tastes great because then it’s also a good source for vitamins, water and sugar.

The less dangerous something is, the better it tastes.

Why does any food taste better than something else? Primarily education and habits…

Some foods (raw meats) are safer when cooked (warm), most vegetables don’t requires cooking, and so on for generations…

Temperature changes the flavour of food as it changes the sensitivity of a channel in taste receptors known as TRPM5. This affects the sensitivity of sweet, bitter and umami, changing the balance of taste in food. The change in the balance of flavours is preferable to some, but not to others, depending on your palate.