Why some internet sites crash because of traffic while others don’t?


Why some internet sites crash because of traffic while others don’t?

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Cheaper servers, they have less bandwidth and aren’t capable of handling all the traffic. Bigger servers are better equipped to handle more visitors and prevent ddos attacks.

Some websites are run on equipment equivalent to a bicycle. Others are run on equipment equivalent to a suburban. That little bicycle is just fine until you need to serve a whole lot of people very quickly.

It’s a question of infrastructure. A dual carriageway is fine when you want to get a few people to work and back, but if a thousand people need to get to the same place at the same time there would soon be a traffic jam. Places regularly expecting more traffic would pay more for a motorway.

Keeping internet sites up requires computing power.

The website needs to have enough machine/computer power to handle the loads of traffic. That’s why large companies like Google and Amazon have large digital warehouses with large machines.

The site would crash if there’s more internet activity than the computer power necessary to support it. Computing power costs money so smaller websites/companies can’t handle as much traffic as Google or Amazon etc.

Imagine you want to go to a restaurant, but the managers skimped on space and their wait staff so service isn’t all that great. As soon as they are full, they can’t let anyone else in and it might take the staff a long time to free up tables.

Now compare that to the well-run restaurant across the street that has a big seating area and the staff is very efficient at getting people in and out. They also have additional seating in case their main area is full, they can send customers to the additional seating area if necessary.

Same concept with websites. The servers that host the site need to have sufficient capacity and be able to handle enough traffic (by having additional servers and routing them based on traffic).

A website pretty much sends information to your web browser so it has to be able to handle that. If not, nothing is loaded in your browser because it never got anything to load.

It may not necessarily be computer resources. A site could crash because of load even though the system isn’t working hard. Poor architecture and bad code could contribute to a site going down under load as well.