Why sometimes people experience intrusive thoughts?


For example like a person is doing a chore, he was just focusing on his chore and boom a thought comes to mind that he didn’t ask for.

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I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and I get a lot of intrusive thoughts. My meditation app, Headspace explains it really well. Your brain is like a highway, cars zooming in both directions, all different shapes, sizes and colours. We are trying to watch the whole landscape but sometimes one car in particular catches our attention and we start to focus on it. This is how intrusive thoughts start, something was zipping through your head and your brain picked it out of the hundreds of little bits in your brain and said “THINK ABOUT THIS ONE”.

Then we go “why are we thinking about this, what a random thought” and end up continuing the thought. The goal is to let go once you notice and gently go back to watching the landscape, letting the cars zip by without focusing on any one in particular.

Brain chemical imbalances causing neurodivergent behavior.
Basically their brain is fukt so it does exceedingly stupid things. Can be managed with medication and sometimes mindfulness, but not yet cured.