why water filters expire after 30 days? Does it stop working?


By water filters, I mean the ones you put in a jug from brands like Brita.

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They get full. They are filtering out chemicals and minerals and such, they get stuck in the filter and the filter gets clogged. Eventually, it stops filtering as well as it was before.

It depends on the water you have. Really, how full of dissolved minerals and metals are in the water.

The more minerals in the water, the faster the filter will fill and eventually become clogged and unable to filter.

It also depends on the size of the filter as well, the smaller it is the quicker it fills, the bigger it is, the longer it takes.

Water filters are are a good breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria since they have a huge internal surface area and are often wet. To minimise the potential health risk from those bacteria the manufacturer advises to change it after the expiration period.

We have a whole house filter that we change every six months based on the manufacturer’s instructions.

Last time I changed it it was pretty dirty, especially because the flushed the hydrants on our street.

I change it every January and every June.

Ever see a air filter? notice how it gets dusty?

Thats basically what a water filter is. it “filters” out the impurities. and where does that impurity go? it stays in the filter.

Much like a air filter, you can use it past the 30 day mark, but at that point, it will be much less effective because the filter pores are all blocked, so forcing the air/water through will start to actually damage the filter, and bam, the nasty shit now gets to leak into the water.