Why we can’t actively hallucinate


My understanding is that it’s an error in the brain when using substances etc, but it shows we can imagine things that aren’t real. How come we can’t make ourselves see stuff like this on purpose?

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In a sense, we are hallucinating all of the time. Your brain is taking all the input from your senses to give you a picture of what the world outside is like, but it creates this picture entirely in your head. What we actually refer to as hallucinations happens when there are glitches in the creation of this picture in your head. So, you might hear a faint sound, and your brain creates the perception that the sound is someone saying your name, even though no one is there for example. This happens all of the time for everyone. For people who have schizophrenia or who are on psychedelic drugs, the brain is just more prone to prolonged hallucinations. Since the hallucinations are glitches, we can’t really control them

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