Why we get sick of songs we used to like?



You just found a song you listen for the whole day nonstop. The next morning you listen to the same song again and you just can’t stand it anymore.
Why does it happen?

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Imagine you discovered tacos for the first time. You’re super excited. They’re so delicious! You could eat these every day!

Now imagine you ate tacos every day for a month.

Same idea.

In economics, there is a concept called the cost/utility analysis.

In simple terms:

You have access to your favorite slice of pizza! All the slices you desire. There comes a point where you no longer enjoy it – probably because you’re full and/or it just doesn’t taste as good anymore. This is a popular Econ concept… (I only took the basic courses so someone elaborate :D)

Anyway, I suspect it is a similar phenomenon. Mathematically, there comes a point where your enjoyment of a thing has plateaued due to constant indulgence.

A song is information. Our brains like new information, especially the sort which seems valuable. Music seems like valuable information because it taps into our social and linguistic brainy parts(why mysic even exists as a concept is a giant subject in itself), and gives it something “to work with”.

Once you have absorbed all that information, it’s no longer useful, like reading a book for the 5th time. Sometimes we like watching a movie or reading a book a few times because we can find new details that we didn’t see the first time, but once you know it all by heart and there’s nothing more to discover it’s rarely interesting to do it again.