Why we sometimes laugh uncontrollably when we get hurt?


Sometimes when you fall of, get injured, or touch a bruise/injury place we laugh uncontrollably. What’s the reason behind that?

In: Biology

I think because we know it could’ve been way worse and we just laugh it off as a coping mechanism…

A couple reasons!

¹ It’s a shock response: when people are scared or nervous and don’t know how to react, laughter is often an instinct, because it’s a thing we associate with good times and moods.

² It does actually release endorphins in the brain, that help alleviate pain! Much in the same way that swearing actually does help us manage pain, laughter does the same.

³ The parasympathetic & sympathetic nervous systems are complicated beasts, and sometimes… things just jolt them, and they hit any ‘button’ they can to manage the response. Sometimes, that’s laughter!