Why when people stand up for a long time their bodies don’t stay still, it is as if it is rocking on its own?


I don’t know if it only happens to me, but I remember when I was in highschool in every single morning we had to stand up and sing the national anthem and I always felt that my body was rocking even though I tried my best to stay still

In: Biology

I’m by no means an expert here, but I know if you stand still with locked joints it can slow bloodflow and lead to fainting. Standing relaxed you will sway back and forward, or shift weight from side to side, it’s pretty useful for good circulation

You’re keeping your balance.

Standing up is an active thing, your muscles are constantly working to keep you up straight and not just collapse down in a heap do to gravity.

So when you’re standing for a long period of time, those muscles will to start get tired.

You probably aren’t swaying/rocking that much, but has you lean slightly forward/slightly back, your muscles are adjusting to try to keep you upright, and you can feel those adjustments.