why would you announce to the entire world that you are aiding in one side of a war?


We’re not told so much about what’s really happening in the world, and telling the enemy essentially seems next level stupid

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Part of the idea of making it a public announcement is telling your allies what you are doing, to encourage them to join in. Your enemy will find out anyway, it’s not like it’s going to be very easy to secretly move massive tanks internationally.

It’s not stupid at all. It forces the enemy to have to consider if they have the means to continue the war. It can force them to abandon or delay plans because a capability they did not anticipate is coming to the battlefield. It signals to our allies that we are committed to their defense which in turn makes it more likely that they’ll be committed to ours.

Part of America’s war strategy is to be very open and clear about all the cool toys we have. Essentially “you may hit our frigate with a regular missile, but then a giant missile that literally contains four giant samurai swords will hit your boat and sink it. We’ll launch it from space just for fun.” The goal is to intimidate people from attacking because USA will respond with overwhelming force.

In the case of Ukraine, telling Russia we’re sending even more cool toys to our ally is in hopes they’ll wise up and pull out. That hasn’t worked yet but we’re also not sharing specific deployment details.

a little bit of topic but i don’t want to make a post because it is somewhat similar.

Why when some countries do acts of terror or bombings do they tell the other countries that it was them?

is it a sign of pride/strength?

Against a demoralized enemy, letting them know ahead of time that more firepower and weaponry is coming, only helps us remove the hope from their fighters.