Wisdom teeth extraction – couldn’t it be simpler?


If removing your wisdom teeth requires more extensive surgery/anaesthetics then why not just remove the molars in front of them to allow the wisdom teeth to come in?


Mine didn’t, fortunately. They used a topical local anesthetic that was like a gel that they rubbed on my gums. About 10-15 minutes later when I was good and numb, he extracted them. It took literally one minute, because I asked since it felt like 30 seconds. I was sore for a few days but not bad. However, I was only born with my top wisdom teeth which I’m told are the easier ones to extract since you don’t risk cutting those nerves on the bottom ones. I know someone who lost feeling in part of her tongue after she got her bottoms out. That procedure for bottom extraction hopefully has room for improvement

By the time you have trouble with wisdom teeth, it typically much too late to do anything but extract them. You would be shocked to see how badly twisted a severely impacted wisdom tooth can be [https://www.baoms.org.uk/_userfiles/pages/images/patients/removal_impacted_wisdom_teeth/img_5.jpg](https://www.baoms.org.uk/_userfiles/pages/images/patients/removal_impacted_wisdom_teeth/img_5.jpg) giving it a little more space with the tooth is literally SIDEWAYS is too little too late

extracting four healthy teeth from EVERYONE just in case their wisdom teeth cause trouble later would be a huge amount of unnecessary dental work.

Teeth develop in and sit in their own well-defined sockets. So you’d just have a missing molar and then one sumbitch lodged way off in the back.

They only had to give me extra freezing when the one root of my last wisdom tooth had grown hooked deep into the jaw bone and needed a lot of ruthless drilling and pulling to extract. I’m very grateful I was awake as they are much gentler when you are. Just compare the after-pain difference among your awake Vs anaesthetized friends.