With all of our fire brigades/resources, why do California fires continue to spread?


Watching KTLA now re: San Bernardino.

In: Earth Science

Simply because for all our resources, the fire moves faster.

Typically, when the weather has been cool and wet the fires can be contained fairly easily. It’s really just a situation where it has been dry for a long time, and so all the sticks and leaves and grasses on the ground are dry as paper and it takes nothing, no time at all, for fire to start and spread like it’s gasoline.

Because we spent a century trying to suppress every fire as soon as they happened. With the result that dead trees and brush have built up to the point that when a fire does get a foothold, it can spread far and be very hard to contain. Plus, the droughts in recent years also make for a lot of dead or dried vegetation.

Cause our stupid governor will wait til the last minute to worry about the fire dangers. We have bad electrical problemas throughout the state. The whole state is dry and do nothing about that so come summer of course dry leaves burn. We haven’t built any new reservoirs. The list goes on and on.

Climate change. We’re getting drier/hotter conditions and a longer wildfire season every year