Would 100% efficiency solar panels be cold to the touch?


If you touched a hypothetically perfect solar panel on a hot day would it feel cool?

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I imagine it would be the temperature of it’s surroundings. It would absorb all the energy from direct sunlight but not from ambient heat

Electric energy collected from voltaic cells do not give off heat or cold.

Thats a fancy way of saying: solar panels do not need heat or cold, so temperature, for doing their job. Just light.

But as others said. First of all; panels are most likely the same temperature as their surrounding. So on a hot Nevada afternoon, you can burn your hands on them. While on a day in Svalbard, if you lick it, your tongue can freeze to it.

But for its job, it does not matter. Cold or hot, thats extra. Its job is just to catch photons, and to convert them into electricity.