WTF is “micellar water” and how does it work?


I do not wear makeup. Twice a day, I wash my face using the cleanser recommended by my dermatologist and a sonic brush.

I recently decided to try using micellar water as a toner after each wash. The shit that comes off of my face and stays on my cotton round is disgusting.

I have already Googled it, and I don’t get it. Can someone please eli5 wtf micellar water is and how it works?


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It’s basically teeny tiny beads of oil suspended in water. The oil and dirt in the skin are attracted to the micellar water solution which allows it to pull dirt from the skin. Here’s one [description.](

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This is what my cotton round looks like after sweeping my face with micellar water just moments after cleaning it with facial cleanser and a sonic brush for the second time today:

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As mentioned, I do not wear makeup. For additional context, I have only gone outside to walk my dogs for ~5 minutes every three hours or so. I have not been working on anything dirty or exerted myself.

This is what the cotton round looks like every time. My skin does not look or feel dirty.

What. Is. This. Sorcery?