How do containers on a container ship stay stacked?


In a container yard, containers are just sorta stacked ontop of eachother without being locked to one another. On a ship, this surely can’t be the same cause they’d just tip over at sea?

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There are twistlocks in the corners which join each container to the one below. Up to a certain height the deck stacks are lashed to gantries on the ship using steel lashing rods.

Configuring these lashings is one of the more important jobs on the ship.

If you look in the corners, there are round pipe shapes. The container above then has a rod that comes down and locks in with the container under it. They also weigh an immense amount and require a lot to slide.

well, sometimes they do tip over at sea. It does happen, usually in severe storms and very rough seas, more often than people think. Around 1300 shipping containers are lost at sea annually.