How is the human body salt level kept in balance during the hot weather?


During the hot weather people sweat and consume more water which washes the salt away. How exactly does the salt level still stays within the healthy limit without you having to change your diet or take additional salt supplies?

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Salt and water have a relationship, the kidneys and the rest of your cardiovascular system can regulate how much salt is stored in cells, vs how much is in the veins.

The food we consume has plenty of salt, too much in fact.

We don’t really need to worry about not getting enough salt.

This is a university level health science/medical question that needs an understanding of concepts like osmolarity and cell membrane permeability to answer fully, so it’s not something that can be explained easily.

But very broadly, the body has a bunch of receptors that track the bodies systems which trigger hormones to regulate the body, which lowers fluid output and trigger signals like thirst and hunger to get you to drink and eat, they aren’t super efficient though, which is why shelter is so important in a survival situation.