Variant fiscal calendar (4-4-5 or 13-period) catch-up week


Variant fiscal calendars exist so that your business’s accounting periods all have the same number of days and begin and end on the same day of the week. To do this, the calendar ends up with 364 days instead of 365, and you need a catch-up week every couple of years. I understand that the Gregorian calendar date doesn’t matter, and the catch-up week is just to keep them *close*, but it doesn’t have to be perfect.

What I’m struggling to understand is that the catch-up week doesn’t occur every seven years, but *usually* five or six, depending on leap year, and *can* occur at different times. Why is it not every seven years? How can you realign the variant calendar with the Gregorian calendar in less than seven years unless you’re shortening your own variant year *again*?

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7-year period will have at least one years in it, and maybe two. So you will need to catch up every 6 years, or maybe 5 years.

There could be some other requirement, e.g. they do not want end of fiscal year to drift too close to Christmas holiday, since accounting needs to close off and roll over the books, which is a major undertaking.