What causes our eyes to swell after crying too much?


What causes our eyes to swell after crying too much?

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Tears are eye wash. It is a wetting agent. It is designed to remove stray proteins and potentially invasive critters like bacteria or tiny mites or whatever. It’s intimately connected to all the other mucous membranes in your body and what they’re reacting to .

You can over-wash your eyes.

The normal continuous flow of trace amounts of those agents is countered by normal drying, oxidation, and actually chemically interacting with its targets .

Too much of a good thing is a bad thing .

So for instance the part that will attack foreign proteins is supposed to be so strong but no stronger. But as you pump more tears in your eyes and they evaporate and whatnot the concentrations of that disposal agent might get too high .

This is also why your skin around your eyes and on your face can actually get tear burned. It stings. The skin is all dried out. It gets to the point where The shield of the epidermis softens and maybe even gets washed away .