What happens when there’s more than one car in frame for a speed camera?


Title says it all really

I’ve often wondered how speed cameras work when more than one car is in frame and it takes a photo.

Which car does it focus on?

Can an operator tell which car has triggered the camera?

On congested roads there may be several cars in a similar place. What happens then?

Cameras are often placed on multi-lane roads. I’ve always thought this would be a major problem in detecting speeders.

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Speed cameras usually take two pictures at a known interval. The car motion in the two pictures allows the analyst to decide how fast the cars were moving, and send tickets accordingly. Some pictures result in multiple tickets, but at speeds high enough to get a camera speeding ticket cars aren’t that close together.

Red Light cameras often capture several cars in the intersection when it’s not their turn. Sometimes that results in multiple tickets, but usually it is just the person blocking the folks behind them from turning.

All these pictures are looked at by people, and they can usually figure things out from the burst taken. If not, they don’t send out a ticket, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

I know for the ones in our city, still photos are taken with video attached. An officer reviews the video to certify a ticket should be issued for the violation and for which vehicle