why is staying hydrated and drinking fluids so important when you’re sick?


After 2 years of being cautious, I’ve fallen and got COVID. Everyone says stay hydrated and drink lots of fluids. How does this help?

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A number of symptoms result in loss of fluids, such as sweating from fevers, production of mucus, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Also, when you’re sick, you’re probably not drinking as much as you normally would anyway, so it’s a good reminder to continue to do so.

Water is used in almost every chemical reaction in your body in one way or another. When you’re sick, your body is working overtime to remove all of the bad stuff. This means that it’s using a lot of extra resources, especially water. It then needs to get rid of the bad stuff and pee is one of the primary ways it does this, which also uses a lot of water

Being sick usually uses up more of your fluids than usual. Swelling, runny nose, vomiting, toilet trips. This makes it very easy to become dehydrated which just makes things worse.

Our bodies need “rinsing out” so to speak. From just daily living for one thing. Food, impurities, medications all need water/liquid to evenly and correctly dissolve and be absorbed through our intestines. Our intestines are the main route nutrients and medicine get into our bloodstream and on to other organs that need fluid as well in order to operate correctly.
For example; if you get dehydrated your blood will thicken as it literally dries up and sometimes coagulate.
If this happens it means your blood needs water to be able to flow. If it doesn’t get it, your body will not be able to manufacture plasma for red and white blood cells. Dehydration can kill quickly. Especially in children and old people.