Does taking vitamins (long-term) make your body reliant on them, thus, have trouble ‘balancing it out’?


Does taking vitamins (long-term) make your body reliant on them, thus, have trouble ‘balancing it out’?

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The various substances that come in vitamins are things that your body does not naturally produce. You require an external source – typically the food you eat – to provide them for you. Taking a vitamin makes you no more reliant on an external source than eating meals.

That said, most people already get enough of these substances from their diet. So long as you eat a _reasonably_ balanced diet, they are not necessary and can actually be harmful in select cases.

Your body is already reliant on vitamins. If you don’t get enough of them, you get sick. It’s even in the name, “vital amines” (nevermind that not all of them are actually amines; naming conventions were established during the early years of research, before they were fully understood). Your body will excrete excess water-soluble vitamins, but you can get sick if you get too high doses of the fat-soluble ones.

Fun fact: polar bear liver is toxic to humans because it has too much vitamin A.

Things I learned through my own research – the herbal supplement Curcumin depletes your iron stores. Be careful.

No. Your body only uses the Vitamins it needs (yes you could potentially overdose in non whater soluable vitamins but that is pretty unlikely with the supplements you can buy) and it needs way less than commercials want to make you think. Thats also why 1. Ppl who have a reasonable diet, dont need any supplements and 2. Those supplements can just be sold everywhere. They are harmless and usually useless. It’s mostly just an easy way to make money. Vitamin deficiany is very rare in healthy ppl whith the exception of Vitamin D.

No. Any excess vitamins in your system are simply excreted.

This is why taking vitamin supplements when you have a balance diet and don’t need them, is literally pissing your money away.