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Alright. So I am familiar with testosterone therapy, which someone could use if they are low on testosterone. First question, if someone has normal testosterone in range, there is no value in testosterone right?

Next, what the heck is SARMs and all the other steroids out there? How do people get them in the US when they are illegal? Are they things there are valid reasons to prescribe and people just use them in an unintended way?

I’m curious, not trying to use these myself. Would love explanations on what’s out there, what is and isn’t risky that people are using, and how they get them?

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You clearly want to use anabolic steroids.

I recommend a consultation with your doctor and a recommended endocrinologist to go over the safest way to do what you’re trying to do.

Normal testosterone ranges from about 300-1000ng/dl. Testosterone replacement therapy involves taking exogenous testosterone (formulated in a lab) and putting into your body, usually by a needle/syringe or other ways include gel that you rub on your skin. When you’re prescribed TRT by a doctor, it’s usually when you’re test levels are below range and the amount your prescribed (can range from 50mg/week to even 200mg/week) is aimed at putting you back in normal range. This is extremely common in men especially as you age because low testosterone can affect your energy levels, libido, mood, weight, and overall quality of life.

If you are already in normal range and want to take exogenous testosterone, it will usually boost you to the higher end of normal range or even above normal range. This is typically done for bodybuilding reasons most of the time but not always. It will enhance muscle growth beyond what you could achieve “naturally” as well as increase all of the things I named before. The flip side is that by doing this, it can have several negative consequences if not done properly and carefully. Routine blood work is a must when doing this as you need to make sure your hormones are balanced. Another thing to keep in mind is that when you take exogenous testosterone, at any amount, your body will stop producing it on its own. This has an impact on fertility so it is important to understand that.

Next up is SARMs which stand for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. There are essentially the gap between pro hormones and actual steroids. They are marketed as “research chemicals” which allows them to be sold in stores and online. A lot of what is advertised though isn’t what you get, there are a lot of fake products and companies out there that either underdose their products or give you completely different stuff. They are said to have less side affects than actual steroids but the research out there is limited and inconclusive. I would do extensive research and map out what your goals are before trying anything like that. Personally speaking, having tried SARMs and actual anabolic steroids, I wouldn’t suggest anyone waste their time and money on SARMs. The results they are said to have is not actually what they provide and they do in fact have negative affects which are similar if not worse than steroids. And again I wouldn’t recommend anyone under 25 try anything of that sort. Hope that helps!

Here’s the simple answer.

Exercise breaks down your muscle tissue. As it heals and regrows, it regrows stronger and bigger than before, giving you strength and size. The rate that the body can repair muscle tissue is limited by things like hormones. So if I work a muscle group on Monday, I won’t be able to work it again until next Monday, since it needs time to recover. Steroids artificially alter the amount of hormones in the body, greatly reducing the time needed to recover. Normal hormone levels give you normal results, increased hormones give you increased results. So now, if I work out on Monday, I can work out again on Wednesday, decreasing my recovery time, allowing me to get in twice or three times the workouts.

Steroids are illegal for various reasons. They can increase the size of other muscles in the body. such as the heart. Your heart gets too big for your chest cavity, you die. They can fuck with reproductive hormones, giving you shrunken nuts or breasts on men. Not to mention the competitive advantage in professional sports.

Things like SARMS are like designer steroids. They give similar results, assuming they work at all, they’re supposed to be safer with lower risk or side effects and they allow athletes and actors to claim natural status, since they technically aren’t using steroids. They’re legal for the reason that they’re classified as research drugs, and not meant for human consumption. Some types of magic mushrooms can be bought online for the same reason. They’re toxic to pests, so they’re marketed as a pest deterrent, which isn’t illegal. People use them recreationally, but since that isn’t their intended purpose, it’s a legal loophole.