Eli5: Can laser eye surgery cure blindness?

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Why can’t laser eye surgery cure blindness? Eli5

I’ve been told I’ve got diabetic retinopathy and it’s getting worse. They mentioned potential ‘sudden vision loss’ and I went on a wild internet search and ended up here. Can someone tell me how laser eye surgery can make eyes see perfectly when they usually need glasses for severe vision impairment but can’t do anything for full vision loss? Please. Like I’m five. Thanks!

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It depends, but potentially in your case (you should speak to your ophthalmologist). Normally people get laser eye surgery to help focus the light better, but in your case chronic high blood sugar has damaged the blood vessels in your eye. There are different laser surgeries that can treat the symptoms of this, but you will also need to control your blood sugar (the underlying cause). This isn’t something you will get clear answers for on the internet.

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