Eli5 Did romans or the Greeks have museums for historic stuff?


Pretty self-explanatory did ancient cultures had museums for in their time ancient relicts?

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Yes. Romans and Egyptians both had spaces for ancient history, since both takes place fairly recently. Bot it was mostly for studying and not display.

Fun fact: the ancient pyramids were so olds that in the Old Egypt they had archeologists excavating then for treasure and artifacts

Yes, kind of.

Not the same kind of museums we have today.

But the extremely wealthy CERTAINLY collected special pieces and ancient relics. Granted there want ad much knowledge of archeology or anything, but big collections or various artifacts definitively existed. For example wealthy Romans often imported Egyptian art and artifacts.

So like, real museums? No not really.

But wealthy people collecting old pretty looking stuff or stuff attached to legends? Yes definitely.

And sometimes these things were out on display in temples and stuff for the public to see, but not purely like a museum

Temples and religious sanctuaries like the Oracle of Delphi were, even in ancient times, used as repositories for relics.

At Delphi, for example, archaic statuary such as the “Charioteer” and the Twins were preserved and now reside in a museum at Delphi.


Nabopolassar founded the Neo-Babylonian empire, the first time Babylon had been independent since Hamurabbi 1,000 years earlier. He hella idolized that “lost golden age” and had excavations of old ruined temples done. Statues of gods thousands of years old were uncovered and displayed prominently in the “modern” temples of the day.