eli5: How are natural killer cells different from killer T cells?

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I get that they’re different cells, it’s just that everything I read about them is so complex.

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NK love to eat cancer cells.
Their numbers are 1/100 of t cells 
With high stress their numbers fall 

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Natural killer cells have an innate knowledge of a wide variety of pathogens, they’re how your body already knows to fight off certain infections at birth. Killer T cells learn about specific pathogens, they’re how your body learns to fight off infections that you had once

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Do you understand the difference between innate and adaptive immunity? That is the key to understanding the difference between those cells.

Innate immunity is the first line of defense, nonspecific and fast. Natural killer cells are innate.

Adaptive immunity is slower but has a specific response and builds a memory based on antigens, producing antibodies. That is killer T cells