Eli5- How can the brain make you think you’re sick?

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I’m sure we have all heard of munchausin syndrome and I’ve always been curious. How does the brain and their thoughts make them physically sick? I’m not talking about people who take things to make them sick or pretend to feel sick, I’m talking about those who believe they are sick so strongly that they get the physical symptoms. People who get so sick with the fake illness that it can affect their lives.

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The mind is an amazing thing. Not unsimilar to mass hysteria, your mind has basically painted this picture, planted the idea of a sickness. You can convince yourself that you are sick to the point your body produces symptoms to match your mind. Because when you think about it, everything starts in your brain. “I think, there for I am” and “Mind over matter”. Placebos work the same way for the opposite effect- you think you’re taking a cure, so your mind convinces your body that you’re better.
And going back to the mass hysteria bit, there’s so many cases of one kid at school having a seizure, then all of a sudden their whole friend group is seizing (legit seizing, not faking it) then boom, the adults are seizing and it’s just mayhem, and it all stems from ‘i think, therefore I am’

This is probably a really terrible explanation haha but it’s the best I got.

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